Your home is your sanctuary from the world but it also the command centre from which you live your life.  COAST believes your home needs to be in equal parts serene and serviceable and reflect exactly who you are and how you want to live your life.
 weren’t a big thing on the Sunshine Coast when Emilia Johnston opened COAST Store in 2016.  
Long before this while working with home magazines overseas, Emilia had a vision of what her store would like like and had drawn this on a napkin a decade before.  The search for a the right building that celebrated the historical architecture and natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast was central to COAST's foundation.
Housed in one of the last remaining beach bungalows which Emilia brought back from dereliction, COAST has an old world charm that arks back to simpler times where you would go to your corner store and chat with the owner.  
COAST aims to help you live your life beautifully and practically, by ensuring your home is set up exactly the way you need it to run ensuring it has the right balance of form, function and design.
The COAST customer wants to live their best possible life and chooses to surround themselves with pieces that enhance their everyday world.  Having a well balanced, well set-up home is central to the COAST customer’s modus operandi.
To help our customer’s achieve this, COAST collates a collection of goods to enhance your home, body and life.  COAST also offers pre-order service from many of their respected suppliers across Australia and offers an interior styling service on the Sunshine Coast.
COAST truly believes a well-set up organised, serene, tastefully designed home enhances our everyday.
We are here to help you “live your life beautifully’.